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Hi! my name is Saharnaz and I'm a founder of sleep coaching baby. I have a passion for babies and all things sleep-related. 

My journey to becoming a sleep consultant started when my baby girl turned four months. She was going through a rough sleep regression and sleeping through the night seems a long way off. Adjusting to the new life of being a mom and going through many sleepless nights was so overwhelming. I was eager to find a better solution for my baby's sleep so that all three of us can have more peaceful nights. fast forward a month and a half later, I witnessed my baby put herself to sleep independently and has fully mastered the skill. It was a drastic change for all of us. My baby's mood changed and she was a much happier baby and we were able to enjoy her without being exhausted all the time. 

I then decided to further educate myself and became a certified sleep consultant in May 2021. I'm a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach through Kim West, LCSW-C, aka The Sleep Lady ®. I also hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology and have worked with many babies and toddlers through managing clinical research studies at various hospitals. My mission is to educate and support families who are struggling with their baby's sleep and guide them through the process of having solid little sleepers.

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